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Learning AutoCAD with Certification Practice Exams

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Learning AutoCAD is a blended course for use in a classroom setting or for the student who prefers a self-paced learning experience.The primary objective of this course is to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of AutoCAD. This course is separated into 9 chapters covering key areas of drafting and design in AutoCAD.

Summit's exclusive Learning Browser technology, delivers this course content inside of AutoCAD. 

This course includes AutoCAD Certified User & Professional Practice Exams.

Formats: PEAK - Digital Learning Experience, or PEAK + Print

Course Duration: 32-40 Hours

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the AutoCAD user interface, work with drawing files, and change the view magnification and location within a drawing file so that you can see exactly what you need.
  • Create basic geometry with precision in your drawings to accurately represent your designs.
  • Select, edit, duplicate, and relocate geometry in your drawing.
  • Increase your productivity using grips and other geometry editing tools such as Stretch, Break, Join, Mirror, Rotate, Scale, and Array.
  • Organize data in your drawings, find specific information about the contents of your drawings, and modify the properties of objects in your drawings.
  • Add annotation to your drawings, including text, dimensions, and multileaders.
  • Add content to your drawings by inserting blocks and data from other drawings using the DesignCenter and Tool Palettes.
  • Create and edit hatch objects, polylines, splines, ellipses, and tables.
  • Work with layouts, viewports, page setups, and annotation scaling for the purpose of communicating your designs with others.

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