Summit Learning and Technology provides learning development, publishing, and distribution services for companies of all sizes. We specialize in providing our customers with content and technology that improves learning and retention throughout the organization. 

The PEAK Network is our global content distribution platform. It was designed to distribute learning content to desktops, mobile devices, and print. Authored in an XML based Learning Content Management System (LCMS), our content is 100% responsive which means it will play on all devices, desktops, tablets, and mobile. PEAK was built for use in all types of learning experiences, from instructor led classes, to self-paced learning, and for any organization that needs an efficient and cost-effective way of delivering learning content to audiences of any size.

Learning & Development services for businesses of all sizes.

Are you looking for an efficient way to author, publish, and distribute learning content? PEAK ensures a dynamic learning experience for your target audience. From a single-source record, we publish and distribute your content to print, desktop, and mobile devices.

A game changer for Instructors.

The PEAK Network enables you to engage your online and classroom learners with on demand content, automated dataset handling, & customizable courseware. Teach your lessons in print, desktop, or mobile formats. 

An unsurpassed learning experience for students.

The PEAK Network puts you in the drivers seat. Rich learning experiences via peer-reviewed videos, written lessons, and hands-on exercises. Track your training and test scores; share your course badges via social media. 

PEAK's Learning Browser

Our award-winning technology, on full display! PEAK's Learning Browser delivers content into the natural path of the learner. Autodesk users enjoy simplified window management and on-demand dataset installation!